Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team of experts with experience in all aspects related to hosting and server manangement, providing you with premium services for a great price. When is comes to anything related to the server environment or network infrastructure, you can rest assured we'll have the solutions you are looking for.

New York Data Center

Our master data center in New York is our central hub for all services.

In-house Monitoring

Technicians are standing by 24/7 to perform emergency interventions and maintenance.

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Our Values

We are dedicated to bringing you the optimal user experience for a fair price. Our support staff is very friendly and responds quickly to all inquiries.


Our service quality can not be denied, as we use performance grade hardware and never over-provision in a way that degrades performance.


Rest assured that you will get the performance you pay for. We don't use cheap tricks or misdirects to disguise hardware used in our services.


Uptime is probably one of the most important aspects of hosting. We promise to achieve a 99.9% uptime for our services, as is noted in our SLA.


All our products are featured with the most recent add-ons and capabilities in the hosting industry. We use all of the latest GUIs and software in our servics.


The value of our services is undeniable and we prove it everyday. We beat most of our competition when it comes to cost/performance ratio.


All of our data centers adhere to strict security compliance regulations. We also offer free DDoS protection with our services as a bonus.

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